How To Change a Hot Water Heater

Is there anything worse in the home than to discover the long hot showers that you love taking are not as hot as it once used to be?. Perhaps your hot water heater now has a leak or it just will not work anymore. Well, this may be the time to replace that water heater of yours.

The normal lifespan of a hot water heater varies between 8 to 12 years. When it is time to replace yours, there is the possibility that you choose the same type of the previous unit, either gas or electric. The key is to choose the best and efficient water heater that is large enough to meet your needs. On the average, a family of four who use two showers requires a 65-gallon unit, but your local experts who help you handle your home can help you find the size best suited to you.

Also, be sure to check the annual cost for which your desired unit is maintained. Finding this shouldn’t be difficult, it could be indicated on the sticker on one side of the heater.
Removal of the heater:

This tutorial will assume your heating system is gas, so first, turn off the gas through the cut-off valve.
Also, turn off the supply of water and then turn on the entire hot water faucet in your home. You can use a garden hose to completely drain/empty the tank.
The pipes could be hard-plumbed, and this could require pipe cutting or a connection to the water heater connection pipes. In our case, we only had to unscrew the connection. Then disconnect the pipes and also remove the water heater. They may be a bit heavy, so you may have to get a helper and take your time, be careful.

Installation of the heater

To install the new heater, you have to bring the new water heater to the place of the old one, and then reconnect the pipes. You also need to add the connecting hoses/pipes if the old water heater did not have them.

Ensure the hot water taps are all still open then open the water supply. This should prevent air from being trapped in your water pipes. Allow the water to run from each faucet for about one minute before you turn it off. At this point, you can reconnect the wires, switch the device on, and then allow a few minutes for the water to heat up.
Tip 1: A good maintenance culture of your water heater is a very good idea. For a start, you might have to drain the water heater about twice a year. Doing this will remove the sediment and then increase the efficiency of your hot water heater.

Tip 2: check the temperature knob of your heater and look out for “vacation". If you will be away for over a period of five days, you should set the water heater to “Vacation", what this means is that your water and heating bills will not count while or during your absence.

This is the simple step to changing your hot water tank, If you Don"t Feel comfortable, you can always contact a reputable plumber in your area to assist in replacing your water heater.